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Leftists block college from updating name to university.

Leftists block college from updating name to university

In September 2019 Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies applied to change its name to Canada University.  In 1967, when CCC was founded,  the term “College” denoted degree granting, but not now.  CCC offers 14 degrees including four doctorates and has a $43.8 million dollar campus on the shores of Lake Ontario that houses a 4,000 seat auditorium, technologically advanced “smart” classrooms, two professional indoor basketball courts, an indoor soccer field, and an athletic training facility.  CCC deserves to called “University”.

In addition to these facilities, Canada Christian College is proud to be the most diverse college in Ontario.  80% of its student body are visible minorities, 60% of whom are black.  Also, over 50% of the faculty are visible minorities, including five department deans and the Academic Dean.

Members of Provincial Parliament were rightly impressed by Canada Christian College and passed Bill 213, a law to change the school’s name and allow it to grant two additional Bachelor’s degrees.  This law received royal assent on December 8th, but is being blocked from coming into force. 

This begs the question: why the wait?  The answer: PEQAB, which stands for Post-Secondary Quality Assessment Board.  This committee of elites, most of whom were appointed by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals, cheated CCC by switching the school’s presentation documents and misrepresenting the College to the Ontario government.  Even though CCC met or exceeded all PEQAB benchmarks, these elites are attempting to override the democratically elected Legislature by engaging in political corruption.  Why would these elites lie to the government?  What’s the real reason?

Are CCC students and faculty second-class citizens just because of who they are or where they come from? 

Please, sign our petition and tell Doug Ford to proclaim our law into force.

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